I’ll admit it. I have the travel bug. Yup. It’s come in full force and at quite an inopportune time seeing as I do not have the time or money to drop my things and start jet setting around the world. As a wedding blogger, I have decided to put my wanderlust to good use and make honeymoon recommendations for anyone who wants a memorable sejour for their first few days a married couple. For this post I thought I’d highlight a destination that has been on my Pinterest dashboard for quite some time now: the Amalfi Coast.
Now I have never been there myself, but ever since I started my Italian lessons in January, I have been conducting some very thorough research on the topic. I’m what some people might call an expert. So close your eyes. Well, actually don’t because there is no way that you would be able to read this. Ok, imagine yourself walking along the cobblestone streets with the salt water smell under your nose. I’m 99.9% sure that they only have sunny days. I mean look at these pictures! Complete paradise!

italy3italy1 italy2

One of the coolest things about the island is the walkway that connects the different towns along the coast.  There are so many gorgeous places, it’s hard to believe that people live there year round! Gorgeous towns with sweeping ocean views! What’s not to love? While this definitely didn’t cure my wanderlust, I am now even more excited to see it for myself! So what do you think? Possible contender for your honeymoon destination? Leave a comment below!