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Trunk Show Alert: Justin Alexander

Tomorrow, July 25th, there is a Justin Alexander Trunk Show in Alexandria, VA. It’s hosted by Elegance by Roya Couture Bridal Atelier. Stop by to check out their amazing designs! In the mean time, here are a few pics to hold you over while you wait.



Elegance By Rya
1311 King St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Fun Things to Do in DC with Your Significant Other

It’s officially summer! The solstice has arrived and it’s time to celebrate the arrival of the sunniest month with some good times. Inspired by the “50 Things to Do (Other than Watch a Movie)” list, I’ve decided to make my own list of summery things to do around DC. Since we live in such a diverse city, there is no shortage of things to do. So grab your S.O. and/or some friends and head out to try these fun things that you’ll love!

1. See the monuments.

I really need to go do this one. I’ve lived around DC for my entire life and haven’t made it to the top of the Washington Monument. There are so many historical places to visit and you don’t even have to worry about getting lost because you live here! Navigate the city like a pro as you point tourists in the right direction. Hey, maybe even take one of those double decker bus tours? Get the feeling of being on vacation without having to book a single hotel reservation.

2. Go to an outdoor movie.

Okay, so this one does involve going to a movie, but this idea is just too cute to pass up! What’s better than your favorite movie under the stars? There are many outdoor movie festivals during the summer all throughout the DC area (check out NoMa Summer Screen). The movies start around 7pm, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the food, music and entertainment beforehand. Best of all entrance is FREE! Check online ahead of time to see what movies are playing, then grab your picnic basket and blanket and head on down there!

3. Go for a walk.

This is definitely one of the most underrated activities because there are some really scenic areas around the DC area. Depending on where you live there are probably a few trails or scenic outlooks near you. I personally like the C&O Canal or walking the the waterfront in Georgetown. You can bring your dog and make a date of it! The trees, the water and the monuments in the distance. What’s not to love?

4. Try a new ethnic cuisine.

I love going out to eat, but I always find myself going to the same types of restaurants. Branch out! There are so many different types of restaurants in the city. Try Korean BBQ at Mandu on K Street or Ethiopian at Ethiopic on 5th Street or look for some local food trucks. Looking for high-end dining on a lower budget? Check out DC’s restaurant week! Restaurants offer reduced fixed price menus to encourage people to try the food. Summer 2014’s dates will be released soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

5. Visit the Tidal Basin

There are so many picturesque places in the city and the area around the Lincoln Memorial is definitely one of them. It overlooks a beautifully landscaped area and you have a gorgeous panoramic of the DC skyline. Don’t forget to try paddle boating! Get your workout in while enjoying being on the water. While you’re at it, snap a few pics of you two having a great time!

Whatever you choose to do, DC has a ton of options. Make the most of your summer! We only get one per year, so put on your sunscreen and sunglasses and explore your city! Tell us about your favorite DC summer activities in the comments below!


The Golden Rules from Say Yes to the Dress

Hey, everyone! I’m Courtney the new Blue Canary blogger! I love all things weddings and am so excited to share all the things going on in DC with you.

I thought that I would make my first post about one of my favorite wedding related shows: Say Yes to the Dress! There are already countless seasons of this show, but it is always exciting when new episodes come on. As an avid watcher of this TLC program, I am well versed on the major rules of wedding dress shopping. These rules are clearly spelled out on the 1 hour special: Randy’s Rules, but in case you missed that little gem, I’ve spelled out the major ones for you here.

Without further ado I present the Golden Rules of Wedding Dress Shopping!

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1. Never bring a large group to the salon.

This rule is broken almost every single episode. There is always a bride who decides to invite everyone and her mother to help her select her special dress. At first the bride says that she couldn’t imagine not inviting 15 of her closest friends, but after the first commercial break she quickly realizes that all of those opinions are not helping anyone. She can’t seem to share her thoughts about each dress without being shot down by someone in her bridal party. By the end, she either stands up to her opinionated group or she decides to leave and return later with fewer people.

2. Don’t be too close-minded.

Some brides think they know exactly what they want. They come in with a picture of the only dress they ever want to try on. The consultant brings in the dress and the client gushes about how much better it looks in person. For some reason this dress doesn’t look as the bride expects it to. The bride is discouraged and doesn’t know where to start looking for a different dress. It seems that all is lost, when Randy comes to the rescue! If the bride is willing to think outside of the box, the style expert can work his magic and find a dress that matches the brides personality and taste.

3. Don’t be too open-minded.

So you think you can avoid violating the last rule by being open to everything? Seems like a solid plan until you see the bride who literally has no idea what she wants. Everything is a possibility. Mermaid? Sure. Ball gown? That could look nice. High-low? Let’s give it a try. There is literally nothing that is off-limits for this bride. Their story normally ends with this bride being very overwhelmed and not knowing what she wants (shocker). Sadly, she leaves the salon empty handed.

4. Stick to your budget.

How many times have we seen this one? The bride comes in with an unclear budget. She ends up trying on a dress that is way out of her price range (usually a Pnina Tornai) and ends up with sticker shock when the consultant reveals the bill. The moral dilemma sets in: Is it worth it? Can she rework her budget? The consultant tries to work some magic and get a discount, but this usually only happens if the bride has a sad story of some sort. Most of these brides end up leaving empty handed. There is really no way around this one, so stick to your budget, Ladies!

5. You are your own bride.d0b744e79af73a60ee889eb58cc4e1c8

Some brides come in wanting to imitate other brides that they have seen. During their introduction, they gush about how much they love this celebrity’s dress. They list the reasons why they find it attractive. In some cases, they have called ahead to see if the salon carries that specific dress. For this scenario, see rule #2. Then, they proceed to search for the dress that is closest to the desired look. They try on many dresses and say they don’t like them because a certain detail doesn’t look like it did on the celeb. They go though all of the consultant’s picks, so the consultant regroups to find more dresses. Consultant usually enlists the help of the style expert. Randy shows them the perfect dress that is inspired by the celeb’s dress. Bride tries it on and realizes that she looks beautiful! Bride says yes to her dress! Score!

6. Never underestimate the power of a “jack up”.

A “jack up” is the term used on SYTTD: Atlanta when the consultant styles the bride similar to how she will look on her wedding day. It is complete with a veil, jewelry, and hair. The scenario usually begins with bride who is not ready to commit to the dress. She rates it as a 9 out of 10. It’s beautiful, but shes not sure if its ‘the one.’ The consultant decides to jack her up! Inspirational music plays as she is dressed in a veil and jewelry, changes her hair, and is given flowers (where do they even get those?). Her bridal party gasps. She is turned toward the mirror. She opens her eyes. Voila! She cries as she has her bridal moment and says yes to the dress! Hugs all around! Once she sees the full picture, she realizes just how beautiful she really is!

While these are some of the most common rules, there are many pieces of wisdom shared by the SYTTD staff. With TLC on our sides, we have nothing to fear in the wedding dress department. So as you go out to conquer yet another aspect of your wedding, remember to keep the faith and you too can say yes to your special dress!


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