Brooklyn Based Wedding Crashers ::part two::

Did you miss Part One of the Wedding Crashers show?  Go check it out!

I have been looking at root stock & quade’s website for a while now and was so glad when I saw their table at the show. They were showing off this beautiful purple and green bouquet which just popped with color.  Don’t you just love it?

Kerry Quade was on hand and also showing off an item from her new Etsy shop!  Would you have known that this bouquet was silk unless I told you?  Imagine wedding flowers that don’t die and can be re-used at someone else’s event.  It was beautiful!

Kerry also runs a website called Married to Brooklyn which is a fantastic resource for anyone planning a wedding in the borough.

Just down the aisle was Sesame Letterpress, an adorable design and printing company.  They hand-make the most gorgeous wedding invitations, business cards, and other stationery on their 19th century letterpress!  I unfortunately didn’t get any photos of their table but here are a few examples of their work from their website:

Cute, right?  Did you know they have an online shop?  I especially like their Brooklyn Coasters :)

I unfortunately didn’t get a photograph of him but videographer Seth David Cohen was showing some of his work and was a very nice guy!  Check out his website to see his work.

In the next room, Betsy of Nine Cakes was showing off her wares and giving out cupcake samples.  Check out these adorable cakes!  (no, that’s not Betsy.  that IS her elbow on the right, though)

Those mini cylinder-style cakes were my absolute favorite but maybe it’s because of the glass cloches they’re under?  Or the spindly-looking pedestals they sit on?  Either way, I wanted to take one home with me.  I also liked the way they put the frosting on their cupcakes.  Cute, eh?

This one’s certainly an attention-grabber!  Check out the ruffly cake stand it sits on:

I also met Daniel Krieger, a very talented photographer!  I had seen his images online when he was featured in Time Out New York and I’ve always impressed by his work.  It turns out he’s actually a pretty nice guy too!  Having a nice wedding photographer is SO important because they’ll be spending a lot of time with you on the wedding day.

I borrowed this image from Daniel’s website to give you an idea of his work:

If you’re on the market for a wedding photographer, definitely RUN! (don’t walk) to Daniel Krieger’s website (and blog) right now and check him out.

That’s it for now!  Stay tuned for yet another post on the Wedding Crashers show.  Coming soon!

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